3 Stage Big Blue Water Filtration System With 55W UV Sterilizer, Sediment Filters & GAC Filter (Whole House, 20 Inch) Aluminium Bracket

• Purify the water supply to every tap in your house with a flow rate of ± 2720 litres per hour
• Removes unwanted particles such as sand, rust, mud, and chlorine from your water
• Improves taste, color and odor of water
• Installs easily & neatly against a wall, either in the garage or outside in a shaded covered area

Stages of Filtration:
Stage 1: Sediment filtration: This is a 50 micron sediment filter that will remove sediment, silt, rust and lose particles to ensure clear water
Stage 2: Activated carbon filtration: This is an activated carbon filter that will remove chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and bad tastes and odors from the water.
Stage 3: Polishing filter: This is a 5 micron sediment filter for finer filtration. It is also used as a polishing filter before the UV light. This is to ensure that the UV light receives clear water which in turn will ensure effective penetration of the UV light through the water
Stage 4: Sterilization filter: This is a stainless steel UV light used to sterilize the water. UV rays can destroy 99.99% of harmful micro-organisms without adding chemicals or changing your water’s taste or odour. Ultraviolet light (UV) is a natural part of sunlight and is widely accepted as a reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly solution for water disinfection. The UV lamp utilizes the application of a particularly efficient UV radiator with a 254nm wave length which will kill organisms and wipe out their ability to survive and reproduce. The water is exposed to UV radiation in a specially designed chamber that provides intimate contact of the water with the UV light source. Bacteria and other living organisms absorb the energy, which destroys or inactivates their DNA, thus preventing the bacteria from reproducing. Similarly, chemicals and organic compounds also absorb the energy and they are broken down into smaller and more harmless molecules.

Technical Specifications:
• maximum pressure: 6bar
• maximum flow rate: 2500lph
• port size: 25mm
• power consumption: 55watt

What you get:
• 3 x 20 Inch big blue filter housings
• 1 x Aluminium mounting bracket
• 1 x 50-micron 20 Inch big blue sediment filter
• 1 x 20 Inch activated carbon filter
• 1 x 5-micron 20 Inch big blue sediment filter
• 1 x 55W UV Sterilizer (960mm length)

**Please note, that because of this product being couriered, the UV light is not preinstalled on the system due to the fragile nature of the UV bulb. Installation is required.

Disclaimer: Big blue filters are intended for fine filtration and limits apply to water quality and quantity. Have your water tested before installing a big blue filter to ensure that it is the right solution. It is important to note that the volume of water put through the unit as well as the quality of the water will greatly influence the lifetime of the filters

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