3 Stage 20 inch Big Blue filter system with 50 micron sediment , GAC and 5 micron sediment filters – Steel powder coated bracket

• Purify the water supply to every tap in your house with a flow rate of ± 3000 litres per hour
• Removes unwanted particles such as sand, rust, mud, and chlorine from your water
• Requires no electricity to run
• Improves taste, color and odor of water
• Installs easily & neatly against a wall, either in the garage or outside in a shaded covered area

Stages of Filtration:
Stage 1: Sediment filtration: This is a 50 micron sediment filter that will remove sediment, silt, rust and lose particles to ensure clear water
Stage 2: Activated carbon filtration: This is a activated carbon filter that will remove chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and bad tastes and odors from the water.
Stage 3: Polishing filter: This is a 5 micron sediment filter for finer filtration. It is also used as a polishing filter before the UV light. This is to ensure that the UV light receives clear water which in turn will ensure effective penetration of the UV light through the water

Technical Specifications:
• maximum pressure: 6bar
• maximum flow rate: 2500lph
• port size: 25mm
• power consumption
• (CBB-4N only): 55watt

What you get:
• 3 x 20 Inch big blue filter housings
• 1 x Steel powder coated mounting bracket
• 1 x 50-micron 20 Inch big blue sediment filters
• 1 x 20 Inch Granular Activated Carbon filter
• 1 x 5-micron 20 Inch big blue sediment filters

System comes assembled ready for installation as shown in picture.

Disclaimer: *big blue filters are intended for fine filtration and limits apply to water quality and quantity. Have your water tested before installing a big blue filter to ensure that it is the right solution. It is important to note that the volume of water put through the unit as well as the quality of the water will greatly influence the lifetime of the filters

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